The positive side of bentonite is not only the possibility of wide application, but also its ability to independently restore the smallest damage.

You can also highlight other advantages of bentonite clay:

Withstanding many cycles of freezing and thawing;
The ability not to change its properties during operation;
Waterproofing properties;
Ensuring excellent adhesion of soils;
Relatively simple process for making mortar and assembling products from bentonite;
The disadvantages of the material, compared with other types, are few. So, the “fat” type of bentonite clay has the ability to crack when dried. This can be prevented with special treatments, but still this feature can be considered a disadvantage.

Price. Based on its own properties, the material has an acceptable cost;
Practicality. The list of all those applications in which you can use bentonite clay is really amazing. Few materials can simultaneously be used both in cosmetology and in metallurgy;
Appearance. It does not include any impurities that can make it look too bad;
Ease of manufacture. Mining in a quarry, of course, does not present any difficulties, however, due to the wide range of applications, bentonite will need several types of processing, which will somewhat complicate the extraction process;
Labor intensive when using. Does not require any additional measures, can be used immediately after purchase;
Environmental friendliness. Not just eco-friendly, but also a very useful material, which is even considered a good dietary supplement for domestic animals. The composition of the clay is unique due to the large amount of minerals and is not capable of doing any harm.