Bentonite clay of our production is a material of natural origin, which is distinguished by the fact that it can be used almost everywhere. Its main component is montmorillonite. It is thanks to him that it acquires such outstanding properties of hydrophilicity and swelling.

It was noted that if you limit the amount of liquid poured into it, as well as the space, then it is possible to obtain a gel that repels moisture from it.

Bentonite has amazing waterproofing properties, which is why it is applicable in a huge number of areas.
In addition, it also has the following characteristics:
Water purification;
The ability to prevent mechanical impact;
Acceptance of any form without the use of any complex mechanisms;
Detention of not only toxins, but also moisture.
In addition, it is noted that at rest, bentonite is able to liquefy, while when used, its density thickens significantly. This explains the wide scope of application of clay of this type.