Bentonite clay is a unique natural sorbent that can absorb moisture and absorb odor. It is the most demanded raw material in the production of clumping litter for cats litter. Pet owners highly value such fillers made from natural (the raw material base of the enterprise is the best bentonite clay deposit in Ukraine – “Grigorievsky mine”) bentonite clay for its efficiency, environmental friendliness and high consumer properties.
Private Joint Stock Partnership “Obvazhnyuvachiv Plant” is a Ukrainian leader at the Cat Land bentonite products. One of the cleansing napovnyuvachіv for the toilet kіshok viroblyayut from bentonites – finely dispersed clays with a very high mineral, which will prevent the process of breast coughing when interacting with rіdinoyu. It is efficient to use bentonites to get cleanliness in the house and allow you to relieve problems, connected with the hygienic creation of food. Before the number of the main passes of bentonite clay, the producers of yakim material know more widely in this period of time, including:
– adsorption power Cat Land. Granules made of bentonite clay instantly glaze a large amount of ridin and neutralize an unpleasant odor, nadovgo will create an atmosphere of purity in the booth. Water-clay bentonite napovnyuvachiv can reach the value up to 100%;
– Instant formation of strong Cat Land lumps. All moisture and unpleasant odors are reliably blocked inside the lump. Such lumps can be easily removed from the tray, so that a complete replacement of the filler is not required. The bulk of the bentonite litter remains dry and recyclable, ensuring your pet’s litter box is fresh and clean. Bentonite litter will work effectively if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep the layer in the tray at least 5 cm;
– Ecological purity of Cat Land. Bentonite napovnuvach for toilet cats є one of the most ecologically and non-baked products for storing food. Wine is not toxic, non-wet, not allergic, not injured in the lower kitten’s paws. Attracting to such a tray is simply simpler, splinters of ecologically pure natural clay will make you feel like a natural place.

  • наполнитель для котов
    бентонитовый, гигиенический, для котят, для кошек, для собак, домашних животных, интернет магазин, кошачий, купить, наполнитель, недорого

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