For cat lovers, everything that happens to their pets is important. They even choose a filler for cat litter only after studying the composition, recommendations for use and reviews of other owners of “domestic tigers”.

The main property of cat litter is Cat Land’s ability to form clumps when it absorbs urine from animals. They dry quickly enough, absorbing not only liquid, but also odor, and are also easily removed from the tray. If you clean up the lumps and solid waste every day, your cat will happily use the toilet. Well, the owner will be satisfied that it is not necessary to change the entire filler, which means that its consumption will be very economical.

Problems can arise if you use this tool incorrectly. The main mistake of novice cat lovers is the desire to save money and pour a small amount of mixture into the tray. Experience shows that thickness less than 5-6 cm leads to incorrect clumping, accumulation of wet filler at the bottom of the tray, and the appearance of an unpleasant odor. It is very easy to avoid this if you pour in a sufficient amount of the product.

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