Bentonite powder is a product of drying and fine grinding of bentonite clay, which was able to retain its colloidal-chemical properties.
Bentonite powder is also called mud powder and has advantages over other lumpy clays. There is a rapid and complete swelling of the contained particles. As for the transportation of clay powder, it is cheaper in relation to the same bentonite clay.

The quality of bentonite powders primarily depends on the feedstock (clay), as well as on the method of its technological processing. So, during technological processing, soda ash with acrylic polymers should be added, which will greatly improve the quality of concrete powder.
Bentonite is a type of clay, more than 70% composed of the mineral montmorillonite. Montmorillonite is a mineral of the aluminosilicate class with a uniquely small particle size, about 10 times smaller than particles of other clays. This particle size of montmorillonite allows it to effectively interact with water molecules, creating an effective drilling fluid.

Areas of application of bentonite-based clay powders:
-Molding mixtures – in combination of bentonite with refractory materials.

-Sorption reagents for cleaning food liquids, natural, industrial and waste water.

-Formation of iron ore pellets in metallurgy.

– Waterproofing of foundations in construction.

-Drilling mud for vertical and horizontal drilling.

-As a slaughter weight.

-Bent powder for the wine industry.

-Household use – filler of pet toilets.

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