Finally, a revolutionary clumping litter for cat litter has appeared on the Ukrainian market of pet products! CATLAND is a hygienic bentonite litter for pets. It is a mixture of specially processed clay lumps that perfectly absorb a large amount of moisture. The composition contains 100% natural bentonite clay, which is absolutely safe for your pet’s health. Our filler will not stick to paws or create dust, so your carpets and flooring are safe! When liquid gets into the litter box, small lumps form, which collect all the moisture and lock the odors! You do not need to replace the entire tray – you just need to remove the formed lumps and add a little filler, thereby minimizing the consumption of the filler and your pet will not have any worries and unpleasant sensations! CATLAND perfectly neutralizes odors, thanks to the natural antibacterial components that make up bentonite. Specially formulated to fight the growth and reproduction of bacteria, thereby guaranteeing the health of your pet. Combined with a dust-reducing formula, lumpy litter is ideal for multi-cat owners. Throw away the used filler in the trash can. Do not throw it down the toilet or flush. If you care about the comfort of your pet, then choose CATLAND!