People often search the internet for “litter box for kittens.” There is no separate type specifically for training to the tray, but clay from the Cat Land brand can be considered as such. Why? It is he who most of all like the kittens: they jump into such a toilet with pleasure, rummage there, and walking into the tray becomes a kind of ritual and attraction – rummaged, did their thing and carefully buried it. Kittens, as a rule, love this process very much, because it helps to realize important instincts: in nature, kitties bury their affairs.

The most popular litter for trays is Cat Land Clumping Clay (Bentonite). It is made from clay or opalcristobalite minerals. The result is a mixture that, upon contact with liquids, clumps and becomes solid. Hardened filler pieces can be easily removed with a scoop. If you have poured a sufficient layer of filler (from 5 cm), it will not allow moisture to pass to the bottom, so you need to wash the tray less often.

The breast is napovnuvachi є young growths: one grain is larger, in the other – less. Write about calibri on the packaging. It’s like the pisces are stored behind the arches of the great shmatochki, I can skip to the bottom and crumple up badly. It is more beautiful to vibrate the middle caliber.

The brand’s website has complete information about the manufacturer and the sales department of finished products. For wholesale buyers, our company has created comfortable conditions for cooperation. In 2018 and 2019, the company participated in a number of international exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Has a number of international awards and certificates.
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