From the first minutes of a kitten’s appearance in the house, you should take care of organizing a comfortable toilet, as well as buying filler for him. High-quality products will help create maximum comfort for a demanding animal, as well as save the owner from such an unpleasant moment as a cat’s smell that spreads throughout the apartment.

Cat Land filler is a mixture of small lumps of natural rocks that perfectly absorb a lot of moisture. In this case, you will have to change the tray no more often than after 3-4 days. Among the positive aspects should be highlighted: affordability; ease of cleaning (does not stick to the bottom of the tray, as well as to the legs of the animal). However, you need to understand that it is forbidden to flush this cat litter into the toilet.

Clay fillers, which are closer than other species to outdoor conditions, are loved by cats. The clay from which Cat Land is made determines its quality. The best is bentonite, which swells with moisture; is absorbent and clumping.

Whether a commodity is to blame for its own head: the price ratio is the quality. You can find everything you need to look after the kitty, including everything for the toilet, at the retail hedgehogs and in the Internet shops. At our online store You can vibrate and buy a napovnyuch for a kitty’s toilet with the needs of your kitty and the possibilities of your gamant. If you are turbulent due to the regularity of deliveries, then we can also change the date of the skin month.

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