Cat Land - натуральна речовина, глина, перевагою якої є висока вбираність і поглинання запахів.

Cat Land is a natural substance, clay, which has the advantage of being highly absorbent and absorbing odors.

Clay was and remains a popular material – it is from it that many veterinarians recommend to train a kitten to the toilet, because it most of all resembles a natural cat’s “litter box”.

Since the introduction of Cat Land Sanitary litter for cat litter, life has become easier for pets and their owners: the litter copes with the natural needs of animals without unnecessary hassle. In some mysterious way, cats determine that Cat Land is the best litter for them.

Cat Land is a natural substance, clay, which has the advantage of being highly absorbent and absorbing odors. Upon contact with liquid, the bentonite filler crumbles, forming a dense mass that can be easily removed from the tray with a special spatula. The rest of the filler remains in the tray.
Available in gravel-like grains.

Benefits of Cat Land:
cats accept it easily;
excellent absorbency;
bentonite is a natural element that effectively absorbs water and odor;
the cost of the filler is quite democratic for any social class;
granules curled up from moisture into a lump are very easy to remove;
solid waste buried by a cat does not emit unpleasant odors for a long time;
the natural origin of the clay-based filler does not have a negative effect on the pet’s skin and coat.

Due to the unique structure of bentonite, moisture and unpleasant odors are retained in it. After removing the lumps, which must be done in a timely manner, you just have to pour a small amount of the mixture into the tray. Such use of the filler is economical and does not cause unnecessary trouble. Once a week, you still have to replace it completely.

Animals can easily get used to the tray with bentonite filler. They like to dig in it, as in the sand or in the ground. In order for the conditions of use of the filler to be as close as possible to the natural environment, its layer must have a thickness of at least 5-7 cm. This is also necessary so that the lumps do not stick to the tray.

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