More recently, it was common to see cat owners collecting sand in sandpits or at a nearby construction site. For the winter, the sand was harvested for future use. Work is always guaranteed – prepare, bring, take out. In the houses there was a box with collected sand and by the characteristic “aroma” one could immediately determine that a cat was living in the apartment, barely crossing the threshold.
Grooming is now easier in terms of litter, and modern cat litter solutions have solved the odor problem.

Any product must combine the main thing: price-quality ratio. In the retail network and in online stores, you can buy all the necessary accessories for caring for a cat, including everything for the toilet. In our online store you can choose and buy cat litter, taking into account the needs of your cat and the capabilities of your wallet. If you are worried about the regularity of deliveries, then we can also order cat litter of the required volume and delivery conditions for a specific date of each month.
The cat belongs to those pets that quickly get used to the toilet and, as a rule, already with a small kitten there are no problems in this regard. Animals like litter trays – by their very nature they need to dig and “hide” their “affairs” from prying eyes. Of course, it is cheaper to maintain a tray without the use of filler, but neither the cat gets pleasure, nor does the owner’s life become easier: the cat has nowhere to dig, and the owner has to wash the tray every time. If the tray is not cleaned in time, then the cat can easily settle down next to it (at best) or go around the apartment in search of a new “toilet”.
You can order cat litter from us in advance and not worry that your pet will be left without a tray filled with your favorite product.
Of course, there is nothing perfect in the world, but among all types of fillers, Cat Land clay lumpy filler is the closest to the best option, both for a cat and for the convenience of the owner in caring for her.
To order our filler, go to the site Or call +38 050-484-15-35. Our staff will contact you and advise you on the use and purchase.