The litter must be pet-safe. There are cases when an inappropriate filler has caused an allergic reaction and dermatological diseases. Prefer natural Cat Land litter with no additives or synthetic flavors, and don’t use non-tray materials.

It is strongly not recommended to use newspaper, cotton wool and other materials not intended for this as filler. They not only do not cope with their function, but can also be dangerous for the pet.

The degree of absorption and odor control. Absorbing and eliminating unpleasant odors is the main task of Cat Land litter.

Cat Land bentonite clumping litter effectively fights odor. It instantly absorbs moisture and forms strong lumps that trap odor for a long time and are easy to remove from the tray.

Even better, as soon as your kittens go for the size of the granules: so it will be more comfortable and comfortable. For example, cochinates should go for other granules, and for those who are too long to eat, they are great, and the stench does not get lost in their pink wool.

Our Cat Land brand proposes napovnyuvach at once with a variety of granules, so that one napovnuvach in one and a half, medium, and large granules. The price is a universal formula for all kishokas, how to cope immediately with the dekilkom employees:

Great granules – quickly glaze the smell and prevent you from expanding around the apartment. Tse reach for the rakhunok of a wide porous surface and high absorption capacity.
Medium-sized granules fill the space with great and other granules, quickly pick up the size and fix the big breasts, which can be easily tidied up with a scoop.
Drobnі granules form crispy flat breasts and reduce vitrate napovnuvacha, allow more vikoristovuvati.

Get ready for the challenges of your kitty. However, you don’t know a short solution for Cat Land.

Bazhaєmo your kishtsi of a perfectly clean tray!