It is also important to mention that bentonite clay mixes come in many different colors. This feature is associated with the natural origin of the material. The color of the natural filler is formed based on the conditions in which the clay was formed, as well as from impurities of other minerals that are part of the raw material. Therefore, if you notice differences in the color of the filler, although you are buying a mixture from the same brand, you should not think that you have fallen for a fake. After all, the products of the same manufacturer may differ in shades. It can be: beige, white, brown, blue, yellow, green, gray or others.

The safety of the substance is also important, the bentonite filler is safe for both animals and humans. Cats quickly become accustomed to bentonite filler, because its fine, free-flowing consistency resembles earth or sand when buried. The ability of the granules to clump guarantees economical use of the filler A full tray change will be sufficient about once a week.