наполнитель для кошачьего туалета

Pet owners know from their own experience that beloved animals are not only joy, but also certain chores. Now in stores you can find many products that will facilitate the care of your pets. Among these products is litter for cats. If you are the proud owner of a cat or kitty, or maybe you have several animals at once, then do not forget about buying litter for the tray. To live a pet cat in an apartment, you must purchase a tray and filler. If it is not difficult to choose a tray, then fillers are presented in a wide range.

The most popular is bentonite cat litter. It is a filler made of natural material, which has an affordable cost and many advantages.

Bentonite cat litter consists of mineral clay, which is a natural, safe substance. The filler is in the form of small gray grains. Bentonite clay is highly hygroscopic, so when in contact with cat urine, the granules get wet and turn into lumps.