At the moment, the company is replacing obsolete equipment with modern energy-saving equipment, namely, the replacement of a roller-pendulum mill for the production of bentonite clay powders.

Equipment was purchased and dismantling and installation work is currently underway. The mill was purchased from the Italian company Manfredini & Skiyanki.

This company was established in 1962 in the Sassuolo region, which is the heart of Italian and world ceramic production. For 45 years of its activity, the company has developed a series of the latest technologies in the field of preparation and processing of various types of raw materials.
Thanks to the experience of working with the largest world-class companies in this industry, “Manfredini & Schianki” has become the main reference link for those who would like to get the maximum qualitative and quantitative return on their production lines in full compliance with all environmental standards, limited production management costs and low electricity consumption, thus becoming competitive within the global economy.
Pendulum mills of the MOLOMAX model are designed for grinding raw materials of various origin, specific gravity and humidity, with an average level of hardness (clay, calcium carbonate, bentonite, gypsum, dolomite, etc.). In pendulum mills of the “MS-AIR” type, the classification and selection of crushed material is carried out using a special filter, which brings it to the next stage of the production cycle. This technological option is called an “open cycle” system.
This technique allows you to further increase the efficiency of the machine, increasing the volume of production, especially in the presence of pre-ground fine particles. Pendulum mills of the “MS-AIR” type can also be equipped with burners that supply a stream of hot air, which will provide extraordinary results in thermal transfer.

Also, today a positive conclusion has been received on the procedure “Environmental Impact Assessment” that has been passed, which guarantees compliance with all environmental standards after the implementation of this event.