наполнитель для кошек

Have you heard of the unpleasant “cat” smell? So, this is a myth! If the cat is properly looked after and the litter box is kept clean, there will be no unpleasant odor in the apartment. A great help in this is the good clumping filler Cat Land.
Cat Land Clump Filler is the most popular granular formulation made from clay material with excellent moisture absorption properties. In the process of action, it collects into small lumps, which are easily and quickly removed from the tray. This is a fairly inexpensive and safe litter for litter, which, however, needs to be changed frequently and removed from the litter near the litter box.

Cat Land Cat Litter Lumps are made from porous minerals. It absorbs liquid well and retains it, does not stick to the pet’s paws, and absorbs odors. Replacement is possible once a week.
The action of this filler is that the moisture that gets on the particles of the substance is absorbed into them. As a result, they stick together and form dense lumps. It is very easy to clean them using a scoop with holes. After each cleaning, lumpy filler is added to the tray.
For a pet cat to live in an apartment, you must purchase a tray and filler. If it is not difficult to choose a tray, then fillers are presented in a wide range. The most popular is Cat Land bentonite litter for cat litter.
The tray should appear in the house at the same time as the kitten. The optimal height of the sides is 5-7 cm, so that it is convenient for the baby to jump into the tray. Choose Cat Land clumping litter with perfect granules – kittens love to dig holes and then bury the results.
Get to know the mowing with the tray – to plant it, show it, how to draw a hole with a paw. Fill the tray in a prominent place. Put the mowing in the tray when you sleep and when you are offended, check, while you go to the toilet. If you have mowed those that are necessary, praise them and for an hour, do not clean up napovnyuvach, the smell will start to creep. So little zrozumіє, for whom the tray is required.
Cat Land will neutralize odors and natural antibacterial components that can be added to the bentonite warehouse. A specially designed warehouse fights against the growth and proliferation of bacteria, thus guaranteeing the health of your lover. At the same time with the formula, I lower it instead of the saw, the breast is napovnuvach ideally for the hairs of the little ones. Wikite vikoristany napovnyuvach at vidro for smittya. Do not wipe yogo in unitaz for a snake stick. If you have great comfort for your vikhovanets, then choose Cat Land!
To order our filler, go to the site shop.catland.com.ua. Or call +38 050-484-15-35. Our staff will contact you and advise you on the use and purchase.