наполнитель для кошек

Natural bentonite litter for cat litter Cat Land. Possesses excellent absorption properties while ensuring maximum absorption of unpleasant odors.
Why buy?
Made from natural sorbent – 100% natural, carefully sifted clay, processed at a high temperature. It is a mixture of small and medium-sized granules of a porous structure, which provides the filler with good absorption and effective absorption of odors. It has an antibacterial effect, thanks to which the pet’s toilet is protected from the uncontrolled reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Does not cause allergies in pets and their owners, as it does not contain foreign chemical impurities.

Forms very strong lumps, practically does not get dusty and does not stick to the paws of the cat. It differs in a small consumption, you just need to replace the formed lumps with fresh filler, and not change it entirely. Without any additives and flavors, to the touch and smell it is as close as possible to the idea of ​​cats about what their “natural toilet” should be. Granules from 0.7 to 5 mm.
How to use?
Pour at least 5 cm of litter into the litter box. Always place litter in a dry litter tray only. Use a scoop to remove any lumps daily and discard them in the trash can. In order to replenish the contents of the toilet, you do not need to change all the filler, add only the required amount. It is recommended to completely change the litter about once a month (provided that one cat is kept in the house). Ensure that the filler layer is always 5 cm thick. Do not allow filler to enter the sewer system.
Due to the unique structure of bentonite, moisture and unpleasant odors are retained in it. After removing the lumps, which must be done in a timely manner, you just have to pour a small amount of the mixture into the tray. Such use of the filler is economical and does not cause unnecessary trouble.
Any product should combine the main thing: price-quality ratio. In the retail network and in online stores, you can buy all the necessary supplies for caring for a cat, including everything for the toilet. In our online store shop.catland.com.ua you can choose and buy cat litter, taking into account the needs of your cat and the capabilities of your wallet. If you are worried about the regularity of deliveries, then we can also order a filler for a specific date of each month.
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