наполнитель для кошек

Of course, using even such a seemingly basic product as cat litter, you must follow certain simple rules. Oddly enough, but in many cases it is they who guarantee that your cat will go to the litter box and only there.
With proper and timely care of the litter box, Cat Land Clumping Clay litter will keep it clean and will maximize your cat’s ability to walk into the litter box and only there. This is definitely our choice. Moreover, such a filler is made from 100% natural raw materials – bentonite clay. In consistency, it is as close as possible to sand or earth and supports the cat’s natural instinct to bury its “affairs”. What’s more, a good Cat Land clay litter has such a weight and granule size that it does not stick to the cat’s paws and does not spread throughout the house. It has excellent odor control and is virtually dust-free.
How to use such a filler correctly?

First, you need to make sure you buy the correct tray, namely a quality plastic tray that will absorb odors as little as possible. Sometimes people complain that the litter is poor at controlling odors, unaware that the problem is not with the litter, but with the tray. Plastic is a porous material that easily absorbs odors, and control over them is largely dependent on the quality of the plastic.
You need to pour a lot of filler! A layer of 5 to 7 cm. It is this layer of filler that ensures that lumps form before urine reaches the bottom of the tray. Then they do not need to be scraped from the bottom and walls of the tray, and they can be easily removed. It is the strength and integrity of the lumps that ensures that each time they are removed from the tray, it will remain 100% clean and free of cat feces.
The tray must be cleaned at least once every 3 days! All lumps and faeces are collected in a bag and thrown into the trash. Someone throws feces into the toilet, but usually some filler sticks to them, which can lead to clogging of the toilet. It is categorically impossible to throw this filler into the toilet!
Even if the filler itself does not stick to the cat’s paws and does not spread throughout the house, you should understand that after each trip to the tray, the cat will dig, which means that part of the filler may spill out every time the cat is used. The only way to avoid this and to keep the floor around the litter box clean is to buy a litter box that is larger and with the sides as high as possible.
Periodically, once every six months or a year, it is necessary to completely change the filler and wash the tray with a disinfectant (it is desirable that it be without strong odors), although I know many who practically do not change the clay clumping filler completely, but only add it to comply with the required recommended level. If you clean the tray in a timely manner and every day, and the filler forms hard lumps, which are completely, without crumpling, removed from the tray with each cleaning, this option seems quite acceptable.
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