Cat Land bentonite filler retains unpleasant odors and prevents them from spreading around the house. When a cat buries waste products, a specific smell does not spread, due to the fact that the granules trap the smell inside the lump.
Cat Land filler differs not only in structure, but also in cost. Bentonite filler is easy to use, but its key advantage is safety.

Cat Land bentonite-based filler is a high quality product. Bentonite is a natural material used for various purposes. Bentonite based tray filler is recognized as the best. Judging by the reviews, it is very easy to use. After the pet goes to the toilet, you just need to remove the formed lumps. The remaining filler can be used further.
Pay attention to the fact that the product must not be flushed down the toilet. It must be carefully placed in a bag. It is important to remove the formed lumps in time, otherwise they will emit a not too harsh, but unpleasant odor. Bentonite retains moisture and unpleasant odors due to its special properties. But the pet owner should always monitor his toilet, then there will be no problems! To avoid the spread of odor, it is necessary to remove the lumps on time. Save valuable time and money with bentonite filler!
We’ve found that Cat Land bentonite litter has many benefits. The important thing is that it reminds a cat of sand or earth. To bring the conditions of the toilet closer to natural, you need to choose the right thickness of the filler. It is desirable that it vary from 5 to 7 cm, then lumps will form faster.
Cat breeders have appreciated the benefits of Cat Land bentonite litter. It should be noted that bentonite is safe for kittens, which by their nature are more delicate, sensitive, fragile.
You can order cat litter from us in advance and not worry that your pet will be left without a tray filled with your favorite product.
Of course, there is nothing perfect in the world, but among all types of fillers, Cat Land clay lumpy filler is the closest to the best option, both for a cat and for the convenience of the owner in caring for her.
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