In addition to the fact that cats really make our life better, they perfectly adapt to various conditions, they need help in organizing life, provide good nutritional conditions, as well as hygienic conditions for the administration of natural needs. Cats help humans cope with disease. Facts have been recorded when they help to cope with high blood pressure, pull people out of prolonged stress or depression.
In addition to helping us, the animals have to make sure they are well cared for. They, and in nature, wash very thoroughly several times a day. But this is not enough, because in nature they do it for better hunting, and at home they may not wash their paws, claws and wool so thoroughly, because they do not need to go hunting. Separately, it should be said about the organization of the cat litter. Previously, these could be boxes of sand or paper, but now for everyone there is a large selection of cat trays, of various sizes and colors, very convenient and comfortable, and the cost of these goods is low.
After buying a tray, you need to think about what the most suitable litter can be used here.

A quality clumping type of Cat Land litter is particularly good absorbent. If you decide to remove the used granules from the tray, you can do this with a small scoop, nothing sticks together and the procedure will take a couple of seconds. Continuous replacement is not required when using Cat Land Clumping Filler. You will only occasionally need to remove the top layer of lumps and replace it with a new one, but at the same time, even if you did it with a short delay, the unpleasant smell will not spread throughout the apartment and you will get excellent results from using our filler.
Cat Land filler leaves virtually no residue. The bad smell will be defeated really quickly and clearly, there can be no problem with this. The structure of the granules is porous, which allows you to absorb everything very quickly, like a sponge. Such a tray is used for about 5-7 days, after which it is necessary to discard the granules, rinse the tray and pour in a new mixture. Note that Cat Land cannot be disposed of in the toilet, but do not be afraid to throw them into the toilet tank – there will be no foreign smell.
In our company, this lumpy filler is created on the basis of natural, environmentally friendly material of bentonite clays, instantly absorbs moisture. Like those cats who like to dig in their litter box – the tactile sensation of the clay is pleasant for the pads of the cat’s paws. Refers to cost-effective options.