For a pet cat to live in an apartment, you must purchase a tray and filler. If it is not difficult to choose a tray, then fillers are presented in a wide range. The most popular is Cat Land bentonite litter for cat litter.
The tray should appear in the house at the same time as the kitten. The optimal height of the sides is 5-7 cm, so that it is convenient for the baby to jump into the tray. Choose a litter with Cat Land pellets – kittens love to dig holes and then bury the results.
Introduce the kitten to the tray – put it there, show how to dig a hole with a paw. Leave the tray in a visible place. Place the kitten in the litter box after sleep and after lunch, wait until he goes to the toilet. If the kitten has done what needs to be done, praise him and leave the litter for a while so that the smell will take hold. So the baby will understand what the tray is for.

A wet lump of Cat Land filler is easily removed from the tray using a special spatula, and the rest of the filler remains dry and can be used further. However, it is important to consider that bentonite cat litter should not be thrown down the toilet. We recommend that you dispose of it in a tightly closed bag.
Bentonite cat litter consists of mineral clay, which is a natural, safe substance. The filler is in the form of small grains. Bentonite clay is highly hygroscopic, so when in contact with cat urine, the granules get wet and turn into lumps.
The safety of the substance is also important, the Cat Land bentonite filler is safe for both animals and humans. Cats quickly become accustomed to bentonite filler, because its fine, free-flowing consistency resembles earth or sand when buried. The ability of the granules to clump guarantees an economical use of the filler. A full tray change will be sufficient about once a week.
Cat Land perfectly neutralizes odors thanks to the natural antibacterial components that bentonite contains.
Specially formulated to fight the growth and multiplication of bacteria, thereby guaranteeing the health of your pet Combined with a dust-reducing formula, lumpy litter is ideal for multi-cat owners. Throw away the used filler in the trash can. Do not throw it down the toilet or flush. If you care about the comfort of your pet, then choose Cat Land!
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