When going to the litter box, the cat is guided by natural needs and instincts. Undoubtedly, the owners of cats are only at hand. After all, knowing what our pet needs, and knowing how to train a kitten to the litter box, you can make life easier for everyone.
Fillers are very important for the comfortable coexistence of humans and cats. First, litter helps the cat know where to go to the toilet. After all, if there is nowhere to dig and there is nothing to rake in, then perhaps this is not a toilet at all. Secondly, cat litter absorbs unpleasant odors and thus makes life more comfortable for people around cats.

Many years ago, the fillers for cat litter were newspapers torn into small pieces and sand from the nearest sandbox or pond. But today it is extremely unhygienic and even dangerous for the health of people and even more so for cats.
Granular fillers made from clayey bentonite rocks such fillers perfectly absorb moisture and odors, while forming a lump (the so-called lumpy cat litter), which can be easily removed from the tray using a spatula.

According to reviews, the advantages of such fillers are ease of cleaning, do not stick to the paws, the assortment includes fillers with granules of different sizes that will suit your pet.

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