Бентонитовый наполнитель – один из лидеров качества

Bentonite is a naturally occurring material that has proven itself in many applications. And the filler made of this material for trays is one of the best among competitors. After the animal goes to the toilet, it is enough to remove the lumps with a spatula. And all the rest (dry) filler remains suitable for further use.
Retention of moisture and all the smell of bentonite is due to its unique properties. The main thing is to keep an eye on the litter box and then there will be no problems. It is enough to remove the lumps in time and add the dry mixture. It won’t be a big deal, but it will save you money. But it is still better to change the mixture completely at least once a week.
The pet will get used to the bentonite litter tray very quickly. After all, it feels like sand or earth – a natural cat litter. And so that the conditions of the toilet were as close as possible to the “wild”, it is necessary to take care that the thickness of the filler was at least 50 mm. It also prevents the lumps from sticking to the tray.
What is bentonite filler made of? In fact, bentonite is a material that contains at least 70% montmorillonite. Montmorillonite is a substance that is responsible for the ability of clay to form lumps.
Bentonite clay is a mineral created by nature, and fillers for trays are made from it. As a result of the combination of water molecules and bentonite (hydration process), the filler swells. Increasing the volume of the substance by about 15 times. Due to these properties, bentonite is used in various fields. It is used in the iron and oil refining industries, foundry, construction, agriculture, and even in the food industry, and in many other areas of human activity.

Benefits of Bentonite Filler
An important advantage of bentonite cat litter is its affordable cost.
Bentonite litter has many benefits, some of which can be seen immediately after purchase:
There are no smells;
Cats quickly adapt to litter;
Concrete can be bought if not in every store, then at least in the nearest supermarket;
A wide range of products that allows you to choose the most suitable filler;
Democratic product prices;
Good absorbency rate;
Some versions contain substances that neutralize unpleasant odors;
The composition prevents bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms from developing.
The safety of the substance is also important, the bentonite filler is safe for both animals and humans. Cats quickly become accustomed to bentonite filler, because its fine, free-flowing consistency resembles earth or sand when buried. The ability of the granules to clump guarantees an economical use of the filler. A full tray change will be sufficient about once a week.
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