As soon as a pet appears in the house, the question immediately arises about which tray to use and which cat litter to choose for it. This is good if you live in the private sector and the cat has a place to relieve its natural needs. And you are very lucky if the animal really goes to the toilet in the garden or just outside, and not on your favorite carpet.

Christmas – the call is on the right, in pet stores of performances, the majestic vibe for kitty toilets, which, in a fashionable way, seeks to solve the problem of smell, ecology for food and convenience for the ruler. However, in the middle of a majestic rose, it doesn’t matter and get lost. Mi proponyu zupiniti sv_y vibir on the hygienic napovnyuvachi Cat Land.

So, the simplest and highest quality, hygienic filler Cat Land is a mixture of specially processed small clay lumps that allow it to absorb a lot of moisture well. For one adult animal, the tray with such a filler must be changed every 3-4 days. This filler does an excellent job of removing the smell of cat urine and will smell fresh in your washroom or bathroom.
And of course, do not forget about who you choose Cat Land filler for, take into account the opinion of your favorite pets, and they will definitely answer you with love and affection.

The brand’s website has complete information about the manufacturer and the sales department of finished products. For wholesale buyers, our company has created comfortable conditions for cooperation. In 2018 and 2019, the company participated in a number of international exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Has a number of international awards and certificates.
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