наполнитель для котов

According to rough estimates, approximately 600 million cats currently live on the planet. Among them, you can find at least 256 different breeds. Lovely and affectionate creatures are favorites of many people. That is why, according to a spontaneously arisen tradition, on March 1, the population of some countries, together with their pets, celebrate World Cat Day. Despite the fact that such a celebration, which allows you to honor the respect of pets, is not officially approved, every year on the first day of spring it is celebrated by many owners and simply lovers of furry four-legged friends.

The best holiday for cats
The popularity of the solemn date can be easily explained. Since ancient times, cats have been considered one of the most demanded animals. They live in many homes around the world and selflessly give their love to their owners. There is evidence that about 80% of the world’s inhabitants are owners of fluffy mice.

World Cat Day is tacitly recognized as a holiday that allows owners to honor their pets and show special care for them.

How does the world celebrate a cat’s day?
Each country has its own traditions of celebrating World Cat Day. In European countries, cats are shown maximum attention and respect on the occasion of the holiday. The British treat these animals with special trepidation. Residents of the state respect furry helpers who save tons of grain from mice every year, as well as protect relics in the British Museum from rodents.

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