Fluffy pets give us a lot of positive emotions, but many do not dare to have a cat or cat, fearing unpleasant odors. Indeed, the smell of urine in these animals is often so strong that the human sense of smell can hardly stand it.

Therefore, the “toilet” question is one of the most discussed among cat owners, because it depends on how comfortable the coexistence of people and a tailed pet will be. In order to be able to enter the apartment without frowning or pinching your nose, it is important to choose the right tray and choose the right cat litter that will prevent unpleasant odors from spreading throughout the apartment.

Would you caress the smell more beautifully?
Among the inexpensive models of kitty toilets, I will most effectively stifle the smell of closing the tray. In addition, it’s because it’s overwhelming that it’s possible to get a good idea, and it’s safe to look like it’s practically all the kids. Such a toilet is one of the most common solutions for quiet creatures, as they ask the little animal to work, just use the tray. At pet stores you can find special and kutovy trays-booths with or without doors. Toilets with doors are clearer to catch the smell, a little bit more creature, it sounded to the open tray.

Yaky kitty napovnuvach more beautifully absorbing the smell?
It is important to store a kitty toilet – napovnuvach. From this quality to lay down the comfort of your lover, the visibility of the smell and the soundness of tidying up. On the shelves of pet stores, there are free sorbents, which can be distributed either for material, or in terms of functionality (breasts, glaze). However, the most beautiful is the dentonite napovnuvach Cat Land.

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