наполнитель для кошек

The most popular litter for trays is Cat Land (bentonite) clump litter. It is made from clay or opalcristobalite minerals. The result is a mixture that, upon contact with liquids, clumps and becomes solid. Hardened filler pieces can be easily removed with a scoop. If you have poured a sufficient layer of filler (from 5 cm), it will not allow moisture to pass to the bottom, thus, you need to wash the tray less often.

One of the most popular Cat Land options. This clumping filler is created on the basis of natural, environmentally friendly material of bentonite clay, instantly absorbs moisture. Like those cats who like to dig in their litter box – the tactile sensation of the clay is pleasant for the pads of the cat’s paws. Refers to cost-effective options.

The principle of operation of the lumpy filler is that when moisture gets on it, lumps are formed, which are easily removed from the tray. In this case, you do not need to change the entire filler. Cleaning of the toilet should be done daily: it is necessary to remove lumps and solid waste and add filler to the required amount.
Cats love Cat Land most of all: it looks like the earth, so cats are happy to dig holes and bury all their results of life.

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