Bentonite-based Cat Land filler is a high quality product. Bentonite is a natural material used for various purposes. Bentonite based Cat Land litter is recognized as the best. Judging by the reviews, it is very easy to use. After the pet goes to the toilet, you just need to remove the formed lumps. The remaining filler can be used further.

Pay attention to the fact that the product must not be flushed down the toilet. It must be carefully placed in a bag. It is important to remove the formed lumps in time, otherwise they will emit a not too harsh, but unpleasant smell. Bentonite retains moisture and unpleasant odors due to its special properties. But the pet owner should always keep an eye on his toilet, then there will be no problems! To avoid the spread of odor, it is necessary to remove the lumps on time. Save valuable time and money with bentonite filler!

We know Cat Land has many benefits. The important thing is that it reminds a cat of sand or earth. To bring the toilet conditions closer to natural, you need to choose the right thickness of the filler. It is desirable that it varies from 5 to 7 cm, then lumps will form faster.

Cat breeders have appreciated the benefits of Cat Land bentonite litter. It should be noted that bentonite is safe for kittens, which by their nature are more delicate, sensitive, fragile. The quality of Cat Land products is always at the highest level! This means that it allows you to satisfy the needs of even capricious cats and cats, as well as their owners. Cat Land is an affordable, practical litter that has earned many positive reviews!

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