When choosing litter for cat litter, it is important to consider many factors: it must be environmentally friendly, safe, easy to use. Cat Land bentonite filler meets the highest requirements and is ideal for both professional and home use.

Suitable for all cats!
It is not without reason that Cat Land is recognized as the best-selling and most popular filler. This natural, inorganic blend has phenomenal antibacterial and absorbent properties. After the cat has used the litter box, Cat Land litter forms firm lumps without sticking to the pet’s paws.

The base of Cat Land bentonite litter is high quality bentonite clay extracted from the Grigorievsky quarry, which allows for excellent lump formation. Cat Land fillers undergo a double dedusting procedure and are absolutely safe for animals and their owners.
The mixture is made in the form of small granules. This allows both adult cats and small kittens to use the toilet comfortably. Cat Land does not get stuck in the coat and does not stick to the paws, which is especially important if your pet loves to rummage in the tray.

Great quality at an affordable price
Cat Land bentonite litter has several benefits:

completely natural composition, without the addition of chemical impurities and flavors;
excellent absorbency (5 times its own weight);
Unique grain structure for maximum cleanliness around the tray
forming lumps, Cat Land makes it possible to change the filler not completely, but in small parts.

For bentonite napovnuvach Cat Land is characterized by a high economy. One packet of whistle product for a trivial hour. Tsey napovnyuvach Ideally go and for the guests, de kilka kishok use one toilet. Cat Land guarantees cleanliness and odor visibility.
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